25 years in the industry

Chef Consultancy

Whether you are looking for help with a new opening or on a current business, then I may be able to help. It may be your kitchen is struggling to meet financial targets or just needs to grow in its offering and ethos to fulfil their full potential and just needs little guidance on the way forward. 

I’m a chef consultant based in West Lothian and covering Central Scotland and beyond in restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, pop ups, and all other catering outlets, I pride myself if working in partnerships with your business to make it the best it can be by improving service and business performance, it may be a quick fix or a longer-term assistance and support to problem solve any issues within the operation.

My Passion, Love and drive for success with positive proactive approach I have gained over 25 years in the industry. Working as a Chef of all levels I have gained a valuable amount of knowledge in this sector, from running well known restaurants and hotels, to new openings, designs. 

I have been running both my restaurants, growing the brand and consulting since 2018 and turned struggling establishments around, whether its financially, their overall concept, Sustainability ethics, recipe development and procurement, staff training, kitchen designs or recruitment and all in between. 

It could be as small as a look to assess any weaknesses within the kitchen/business and advise on options to make it better ways of working for both the business and the customers or a larger project. 

Linsey scott

Existing Business

Help grow and Support your current business. From creating a more sustainable and ethical operation or training your chefs in better profit margins, understanding costs

  • Menu design/ Creation/Modern Trends depending on clientele/Seasonality
  • Procurement of food/noon food within business 
  • Recipe development
  • Food costings and GP advice
  • Stock taking
  • Operational advice
  • Food safety review/training and audit on what is required to get up to date. (Haccp, Coshh, allergens, house rules) 
  • Kitchen admin support 
  • Help with improving a current offer, ethos or its sustainability
  • Help with finances and increase your revenue and profit
  • Kitchen management support and training on day-to-day procedures/policies 
  • Help with staff recruitment, restructure interviews and training
  • Identify weak areas of the operations and suggestions to other ways of working
  • Assess over all day to day kitchen practises and offer support in better ways of working
  • Ongoing progress reviews/audits 

New openings and start ups

Hands on help and guidance with your new venture, small or larger business I can help with any or all aspects.

  • kitchen layout and remodelling – procurement of the design and cost to the table 
  • kitchen staff restructure, recruitment and training
  • Sourcing suppliers – maintaining best prices 
  • Menu design, concept creation, seasonality and procurement
  • Menu costings, review of weekly costs and identifying problems 
  • Food Safety – correct documents in place for business – (Haccp, coshh, allergens, house rules)
  • Stock taking & GP, helping to guide ways to create good profit margins
  • Kitchen Admin, policy and procedures required 
  • Kitchen equipment advice and purchasing
  • Create a good ethos, sustainability and offer
  • Chef support and training & ongoing reviews if required to support 
  • Recipe development
  • S.O.P guide, introduction to new concepts within a business 
  • Monthly progress reviews/audits to ensure continued consistency within the business 
  • Identify weak spots through staff, procedures, dishes, overall kitchen practices


Please feel free to contact me and see if I can be of any help to you and your business.

I offer free informal conversation at initial consultation and my prices are bespoke to each individual depending on your budget, timescale and what areas you would like support and advice on.


  • Certificate of Excellence, Chef of the year 
  • Regional Restaurant of the year 
  • Hotel Executive Chef Medaille De Or
  • Hospitality Chef of the year 
  • Hit Scholarship Award- Michelin Restaurant 
  • Rising Star Chef Highest Commendation 
  • Gold Award Parade De Chefs 
  • UK Senior Chef of the year – Earls Court 


Working way through the ranks to Development Executive Chef, Group Executive Chef, Consultant Chef, over the last 25 year now to own my own restaurants and Consultancy. 

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